Treat Your Customers Right

One of the greatest things you can ensure your customers, is safe, great-tasting water. Whether it’s a big glass of ice water, or the water boiled to make a pasta dish, VeriPure low level ozone technology is just what you’re customers deserve.

Water filtered by VeriPure is completely natural and never treated with chemicals. It also does not impair or alter the taste of the food you’re serving to your customers. Ozone is completely safe for cleaning fruits, vegetables, seafood and poultry and it increases food shelf life by reducing the natural ripening process. It also further decomposes pesticides and bacteria on food and food prep surfaces and utensils.

VeriPure Inside

The United States enjoys one of the safest food distribution systems in the world. Yet public health and food safety experts tell us that each year millions of illnesses in this country can be traced back to food-borne bacteria.

The VeriPure Food Sanitizer provides an oxygen-based, non-chemical, USDA approved process available for restaurants and food service establishments.

Participation in VeriPure Inside ™ means this restaurant is going the extra mile for you to assure that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

Look for the VeriPure Inside emblem in every restaurant you patronize.

jpg VP Inside ResizedThe use of this device does not replace the need for pre-existing safe and hygienic food handling and storage practices, rather, the use of this device is intended to augment such pre-existing practices. The use of this device will not render contaminated food and water or unsanitary surfaces to use.”