The Science Behind VeriPure

Our VeriPure system is more than just filtered water. It is a disinfectant, fights mold, and is created with our patented low-level ozone technology. The VeriPure purification system was designed to purify your drinking water while also serving as a sanitizer. Even e.coli and salmonella cannot hold up to the effectiveness and purity of VeriPure.


VeriPure ozonation system benefits include:

  • Unrivaled portability (9 lbs. 12″ x 6″ x 7″)
  • The use of ozone, which is up to 3,200 times more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria
  • Operates off very low power (30 Watts)
  • Consistent water flow at .5 to 1.50 gallons per minute
  • Zero-waste product
  • Has a 1 to 1 instant water ratio
  • Reduces lead and pathogens including salmonella and E.coli
  • Has anti-microbial properties
  • Ideal for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces and raw foods
  • Using cold water disinfecting rinse can reduce hot water energy costs
  • Built in state-of-the-art L.E.D. readout
  • Adaptable to electrical outlet, generator, car battery or solar source
  • Has one single filter cartridge
  • Filter options provide 1,250 gallons of filtration before replacement

Ozone Filtration

VeriPure’s ozone technology far exceeds it’s competitors from the removal of microorganisms, to it’s portability.


Seeing is Believing

If you need more proof as to why our ozone technology is superior, take a look at these videos.