VeriPure Models VPC5000 and VP5000

The model VPC5000 is our commercial system and is truly top-of-line when it comes to keeping your water free of contaminants and killing bacteria and microorganisms and ultimately, keeping your customers safe, happy and healthy.

The VP5000 model is our residential system, styled to fit elegantly in your home and supply contaminant-free drinking water for you and your family. This model is available in two faucet styles: contemporary (pictured right) and designer. You’ll also have your choice of four different finishes.

System specifications are as follows:

  • Corona discharge ozone generator capable of providing up to 0.4 PPM ozone concentration in water up to ½ gallon (1.85 liters) water flow per minute/30 gallons (111 liters) per hour.
  • Uses low level ozone technology
  • Spout installation options: counter top or wall mount
  • Sediment filter to remove dirt and sand
  • Carbon block filter for chlorine, lead and cyst reduction
  • Disposable ozone dielectric
  • Optimal water pressure: 50-70 psi
  • All unit materials in contact with water are NSF approved
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low voltage DC operation with 115 VAC wall plug adapter included
  • Will operate on a 12 volt battery
  • Little water waste
  • Green-friendly and organic